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Troubleshooting space divas.



Free professional-level open-source photogrammetry software helps build point cloud data and help create 3D models from a collection of photos:

There are other apps out there which have been available for awhile (such as Autodesk 123D Catch) but these require both an internet connection and is cloud-based. Here is a tutorial demonstrating how to create a model from video:

The software was developed in 2011 by ChangChang Wu (who now works for Google), and enthusiasts have been using it for a variety of projects (including independent drone cartography).

It’s worth sharing now as the possibilities and education from this software is potentially inspiring for many creative digital fields - last week I posted about some code that can display point cloud data in your browser, or how digital scanning is becoming prevalent in game development … should anyone have an interest in this field, there are free tools to start working with. Also, in the future, it would be no surprise to see more 3D photography available to everyone with a handheld device or even a VR viewer.

Jesse Spielman has put together a post on setting up a project, creating a workflow using this tool (and why it is preferable than 123D Catch) which you can read here

If you want to dive straight in, though, you can download VisualSFM for Windows, Mac and Linux from the project’s homepage here

Want to try this out!

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Node dudette 2 by Hazzard65

Space Vagabonds: Sniper by ukitakumuki

Amazing Underground (Ryan Deboodt)
Hang En, Vietnam.

by           Spectrum 9: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art

By Phatandy